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        Biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics– Sterile applications
        The purity and quality of pharmaceuticals and raw materials developed rapidly in the past decades. When the biotechnology developed to a certain height, the safety of components and processes in the production process must improve.

        Select suitable valves
        FV clean ball valves have been used successfully in the pharmaceutical production process such as manufacture and filling of eye ointment, insulin, and monoclonal antibodies. Our certified seal system improved and reduced the purification process. The modular structure makes it easier to replace actuators.

        Product overview
        -Sanitary stainless steel cleaning ball valve
        -Sterile and hygienic designs and dead angle minimized
        -Wide range of materials and connections
        -High quality stainless steel pneumatic actuator
        -Independent solutions available
        -Designed in compliance with GMP guidelines
        -USP Class 6, FDA and BSE/TSE certified