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        Water/waste water treatment- perfect production line
        Clean water is a precious resource endowed by nature, but as human consumption continues to increase, this precious resource is dwindling. We can provide a wide range of solutions according to your specific needs. Ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, and control measurement systems are available.

        The broad range of FV products enables huge flexibility in use.
        The field of applications covered by FV's product range starts with control and regulation of heavily contaminated sea, river and brackish water and extends to ultra pure water production in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. This applies as much to small, mobile drinking water treatment plant as to large-scale stationary sea water desalination plant.

        Industries involved
        -Drinking water treatment
        -Sea water desalination
        -Electric power and water treatment
        -Cooling water system
        -Industrial process water
        -Swimming pool purified water
        -Treatment of leachate from rubbish dumps
        -Municipal water treatment
        -Civil sewage treatment
        -Ultra pure water production in the semiconductor industry
        -Water for pharmaceutical purposes and water for injection