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        Food and beverage industries- both in primary and auxiliary processes
        The purity and quality of food and beverage have developed rapidly in the past decades, such as the improvement of technology extends shelf life.
        As food flavors continue to grow, food manufacturing equipment and accessories are improving. Apart from strict regulation and approval criteria, FV contributes much to the development of new technology. Our products are widely used in manufacture and filling of yoghurt and fruit juices. Smaller and more compact product is what makes us the leader in the field of sanitary valves. Meanwhile, customized products are available.
        You can find suitable valve in FV for the functions of injection, peeling, heating, cooking, absorbing smoke, cooling, filling, balancing, mixing, separate, sterilized intervention, high temperature autoclave sterilization and cleaning, degassing and drying (WIP/CIP/SIP) and other functions.

        Product overview
        -Sanitary ball valves
        -Automation component
        -Easy cleaning and maintenance
        -Suitable for filling, cleaning, triage, disinfection and other process segments